Custom built stability putter golf shaft breakthrough golf technology

The New Stability Putter Shafts from Breakthrough Golf Technology

Why Would Any Golfer Trust Their Putter To A Cheap Steel Shaft?

Over the years, golf shaft technology has significantly evolved except one area - the putter shaft.  Steel shafts are used in putters because they are cheap and the industry thinks they are good enough.  In the last few years we have seen putter head weights increase by roughly 25g (10%), while counterbalancing has become very common.  Feedback from tour players reflected the need for something stiffer than what they were using, which was the impetus for the founding of BGT, LLC and the creation of the Stability putter shaft.  Why would any serious golfer, if they had a better option, trust their putter to a cheap steel shaft? After all, you use your putter almost twice as much as any other club in the bag.

Stability is the evolution of putter shafts.  

Purpose built, super-stable, low-torque putter shaft featuring Advanced Materials Integration.  The stability shaft works with almost any existing putter.  While the shaft is visually different it is not distracting to the golfer, while improving the feel and feedback from impact.

What does this mean?

  • A squarer face at impact meaning the ball starts closer to your intended line

  • Tighter roll out range leading to better, more consistent distance control

All of which means your probability of making a putt increases and chances of 3 putting decreases with the Stability shaft


    High Speed Video Analysis

    Standard Steel Shaft

    Relationship between the toe and heel breaks down immediately after impact, even through impact, and the putter head oscillates as it tries to recover - INSTABILITY

    Stability Shaft

    Toe and heel maintain their relationship throughout the stroke - STABILITY

    With plenty of top level tour players either playing the stability shaft or currently testing it, Breakthrough golf have certainly made the most exciting advancement in putter shaft technology to date.