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King Cobra Wedge with SNAKEBITE Grooves Custom Shaft Options B

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* Order Acknowledgement - I understand that assembled items are custom order, dispatched within 7-10 business days for Shaft only and 10-21 days for custom clubs (often sooner).

The KING COBRA Wedge features a nostalgic throwback KING COBRA, reminiscent of the rich history and evolution of the brand. The wedge features a new SNAKEBITE groove design (in traditional & full face groove lengths) that is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.

SNAKEBITE groove design - engineered with sharper and deeper grooves to maximise spin and producing BITE on and around the greens!

The new groove design has a re-engineered cutting method which replaces tools more frequently to tighten groove tolerances, maximise groove volume to produce the sharpest and most accurate groove possible. 

11% Deeper.  40% Sharper.  Maximum spin.

Multiple Grind Options

Classic grind

Medium-width sole, high bounce, trailing edge relief for neutral and steeper swings on a variety of turfs.  Best suited for full swing and longer pitch shots


Heel and toe relief for versatility.  Centre notch keeps leading edge closer to the ground without adding bounce.  Good for all swing types on firmer turf

Widelow Grind

Wide, low bounce sole.  Great for soft bunkers and medium rough.   Prevents the leading edge digging.

Progressive Groove Technology

Traditional Grooves 

Narrow and deep, designed to optimise spin on lower lofted wedges used square or slightly de-lofted.  


48, 50, 52, 54

Full-Face Grooves

Wider and shallower that extend to the toe, creating more spin on shots with an open face that are more likely to have contact with the toe area.


56, 58, 60


Custom Shaft Options B

This selection of shafts features some great upcharge options to maximise performance from your new wedge - featuring brands of KBS, Nippon and UST Mamiya.  For more upcharge options have a look at the other options:

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