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Each Fujikura golf shaft undergoes a meticulous design process utilising their exclusive ENSO 3-D motion capture fitting system. This innovative club fitting system is the first of its kind, as it captures data both before and after the ball is struck. By employing 3-D motion capture technology, we continuously measure and record the dynamic interaction between the club and shaft throughout the entire golf swing. These scientific analyses of the swing are then seamlessly integrated with data from state-of-the-art ball flight monitors. The result is the production of golf shafts that can genuinely be considered the "top-performing golf shafts in the world."

While many other shaft manufacturers rely on trial and error in their development processes, Fujikura distinguishes itself by using rigorous scientific methods, engineering expertise, and cutting-edge technology to create the finest golf shafts available and make them directly accessible to golf enthusiasts.

Fujikura Ventus Golf Shafts