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The importance of using the correct golf ball

There are two things that most golfers don’t like about premium golf balls. The first is the continued rising prices that accompany the launch of the updated version of a...

There are two things that most golfers don’t like about premium golf balls.

The first is the continued rising prices that accompany the launch of the updated version of a ball for the year, which claims even more distance and feel with better spin characteristics.

The second thing is when we see them sailing off into trouble never to be found again - how many times do you switch to an older ball on a notoriously difficult hole just to preserve the new premium ball a little longer?

But the focus on premium balls or any other golf ball for that matter shouldn’t be solely based on cost.

Golf ball

With so many different balls from different manufacturers to choose from it can get a little confusing and very subjective.

Some golfers will swear by a brand because it’s something they have used for years, and they will never switch.

Some golfers are happy to use what they’ve found in the rough from a previous round.

But paying attention to which golf ball to use can have a positive impact on your game.

Using the correct golf ball can:

  • Optimise your distance.
  • Give you more control and accuracy.
  • Provide consistent results.
  • Give you more confidence in your game.

The leading ball manufacturers will spend nearly as much money and time on research and constructing their golf ball offerings as they do for their latest drivers or iron sets.

The modern golf ball is a far cry from its predecessors.

They are constructed from materials that will provide the softest of feels but remain durable.

The core of the golf ball is also made from a variety of materials which aid the consistency of its roll, compression and flight.

The dimple patterns on the covers are designed to either penetrate the wind or help keep the ball in the air more effectively.

The golf ball industry is serious - the market value in 2022 came in at $876.95 million.

Taking the lead from the professional game there is not one player who isn’t using a golf ball that is optimised for their game.

Admittedly they aren’t going into their wallets each time they want to get more golf balls, but the bottom line is they know the ball they are using helps their game.

Golf ball

How many amateurs can say the same?

Would you gain much more confidence from knowing you were using a ball that was optimised for your game?

Nowadays, golfers understand the process of custom fitting much better.

They know they can benefit from a head and shaft combination that can help:

  • Improve distance
  • Improve shot dispersion
  • Improve consistency of strike

A big part of our job as fitters is to help educate golfers on the data that we see on TrackMan and help them understand a little better how they deliver the club into impact.

From that point, we can then start to build a club which will help enhance one or all of the characteristics we mentioned above.

But there is one final piece of the jigsaw.

Being married up to the correct golf ball can further enhance the benefits of a custom set of clubs.

Let’s give a simple example based on the driver.

If you are a player who creates a lot of spin with a high clubhead speed, we can look to optimise that spin by building a driver which might feature a low centre of gravity to reduce spin.

We can also add a shaft that has low launch characteristics to also bring more desirable spin numbers.

But if they play with a golf ball that is designed to add spin you can lose some of the advantages gained from the custom-fitted driver.

So, we have the first consideration when thinking about what is the right golf ball to use.

If the above golfer is fitted for a ball that compliments the driver created to optimise spin, then they can gain more carry and overall distance.

If on the other hand, the golfer doesn’t create a lot of speed and struggles to get the ball airborne the ball they are looking for will provide higher spin characteristics.

This in turn means they can also be fitted with a golf ball that can get airborne quicker and stay in the air longer thus optimising their carry and overall distance.

Most major golf ball manufacturers will offer a high spin and a low spin variation in their lineup, so it comes down to a particular brand preference and cost.

Golf balls

Feel and sound of the ball

Part of choosing the correct golf ball can come down to how it feels and sounds.

Some golf balls can have a “clicky” sound, which some golfers might not like, especially when chipping and putting.

This sound can also be linked to a ball that is perceived to be “hard” which again a golfer might not like when thinking about chipping and putting.

Chipping and putting are also really important in the ball fitting process as we spend a lot of our rounds on and around the greens.

So, another advantage of being fitted for the correct ball is knowing how it will react when chipping or pitching which can save you a lot of shots over time.

Even the noise of the ball can be appealing to a golfer, and this too can help their confidence - small details do matter!

Are there any other considerations to be aware of?

The answer to this is yes.

The type of golf course you play consistently can play a part in the ultimate golf ball to use.

As an example, if you play on more exposed links-style courses having a ball that spins too much can be detrimental when playing into the wind.

If you are serious enough about your game that you want your clubs to be fitted specifically to you don’t lose the opportunity to enquire about which golf ball would also be best suited for your game.

Through our launch monitors, we can show you how different types of golf balls will affect launch and spin conditions.

Knowing you have the correct golf ball for your game can really do wonders and help you improve your scores.

So, when you come for a fitting, make sure you ask us about which golf ball would work best for your game.


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