The Miura Golf Forging Process

The Miura Golf Forging Process

The iconic forging process separates Miura clubs from any other. 

Created from a commitment to precision and perfection by the founder Katsuhiro Miura several decades ago, the forging process enables Miura clubs to be leagues above most others on the market: Forged for accuracy, bounce, speed and impact.

A great forging process starts with a great material. 

Miura use a premium soft carbon steel (otherwise referred to  as S25C) which they cut to the carefully measured weight for each model.  The expertly cut billets are heated to 1,200 degrees celsius, which enables the forgers to manipulate the grain structure to the accuracy that Katsuhiro Miura first discovered.  To ensure master manipulation and mastery of the club, the forging process is done without a hosel attached.

Just seconds later, the steel takes one more strike, which forges its shape into the club head.  Then, the head is placed in a cooling tray, which is the key to the Miura forging process - the club is only heated once for the first two strikes, which contributes to the precision of the club head (rather than cooling before the second strike).

The final "strike" is what ultimately separates the Miura manufacturing process from any other in the industry.

The now cool head is reheated to 800 degrees celsius, so it retains the shape from the previous strike but is hot enough for the grain structure to be manipulated by the Miura Craftsman, who carefully defines the weight, distribution, and density of the club.

Three sets of dies are created for each model and loft, but a careful amount of heat and force is required for iron quality.  Next, each club is stamped with the iconic Miura logo, numbers, and scoring, which must be done carefully to ensure the head retains its accurate perfection from the forging process. 

It's the integrity of the club head that matters most for golf.

the grooves and scoring lines must be in alignment with the golf industry's dimensional standards.  These scoring lines also mark the foundations for each iron's lie, loft, and offset.

The traditional mode of forging irons included the attached hosel, which Katsuhiro Miura believed was fundamentally flawed because of the nuisance of needing to protect the hosel throughout the club’s forging process. So, the pressing step is unique to Miura, because it’s when the the separately forged head and hosel meld together perfectly with attention to accuracy in the lies, lofts, and offsets.This carefully crafted forging process produces a club that far exceeds the golf industry’s standards.

Every club is handmade by expertly trained forgers who were mentored and guided by Katsuhiro Miura himself.