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Graphite Design

Graphite Design Tour AD CQ Wood Shaft

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New for 2023, Graphite Design introduces the latest Tour AD model, the CQ - Conquest!

The CQ, as with all Tour AD lines utilises premium, aerospace quality carbon-fibre materials


Tour AD CQ features all new Nitta 2g-Namd Carbon Fibre in the butt section, with a bend profile of firm handle, firm centre and a medium+ tip to help promote mid to high launch and mid spin rates. Nitta 2G-Namd is based on carbon nano tube technology that binds fibres even tighter than standard carbon materials to have a higher degree of eenrgy transfer into the golf club and produce more solid impacts.

Please note, this is a customised order, per our terms of service we will endeavour to ship customised order within 7-10 working days