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mitsubishi chemical custom built wood shaft

Mitsubishi Chemical Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi Wood Shaft

Mitsubishi Chemical
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Take KURO KAGE™ Silver TiNi and fortify the tip-section with additional Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire. Twice the TiNi Wire for even better performance. More stability. More power. More control.

The KURO KAGE™ Silver Dual-Core TiNi Series is Mitsubishi Chemical’s latest design innovation featuring a carbon fiber, elastic titanium nickel wire (TiNi) blend in the tip-section. This new KURO KAGE™ Silver Dual-Core TiNi Series features the same bend profile as its predecessor, Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) Prepreg, and for the first time two layers of TiNi Wire in the tip-section (Dual-Core TiNi).  We’ve incorporated twice the TiNi Wire in the tip-section to deliver more stability, power and control. Feel the difference.