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  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 1K Wood Shaft
  • Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 1K Wood Shaft
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Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 1K Wood Shaft

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Low Launch / Low Spin

A material improvement. TENSEI™ 1K Pro Orange builds on the legacy of CK Pro Orange by incorporating 1K Carbon Fiber into the shaft’s construction. The result is Mitsubishi Chemical’s most premium counterbalanced offering ever, a shaft that features even lower torque and tighter dispersion than its renowned Carbon Kevlar predecessor.

TENSEI loosely translates to “transformation” and the latest iteration of the 1K family represents yet another transformation. Built using the incredible 1K Carbon Fibre in the handle for a tighter weave and less imperfections and bolstered with additional tungsten handle side, MR70 tip side, and the new Xlink Tech™ Resin System, TENSEI 1K Pro Orange turns over every stone to create the finest Orange profile Mitsubishi has ever made.

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