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Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Vanquish Wood Shaft

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Lightweight Performance Refined and Redefined

Mitsubishi has always been the leader in the premium, lightweight shaft category.  Vanquish continues that tradition, created as Mitsubishi's best performing and highest quality lightweight shaft to date!  Building on the work of the Grand Bassara, the Vanquish is built to be the leader in premium lightweight options.

1. Amorphous Wire Technology

VANQUISH™ uses Amorphous Wire Technology in an all-new application. Instead of using it in the tip section, amorphous wire is used in the butt section for the very first time. This amorphous wire’s elasticity increases the activity in the handle of the shaft to maximise ball speed and club head acceleration.

2. Super Low Resin Content Prepreg

Prepreg containing as low as 20% resin content is used to achieve lighter weight and higher carbon density for maximum feel without diminished strength.

3. High Mod Carbon Fibre

With super elastic, amorphous wire used in the butt section of the shaft, Mitsubishi Chemical used exotic 46 Ton and 40 Ton prepregs in full length applications for added strength and lower torque: a must in a shaft with an active handle section.

4. Uniquely Fortified Tip Section

Mitsubishi Chemical engineers used an all-new material application to provide additional tip stability. By optimising the angle of the outer layer material in the tip section, Mitsubishi have been able to create increased stability throughout the swing leading to more consistent centre-face contact.

5. Consistent Feel Design

Minimises variance in butt OD, weight and balance point throughout the entire range, providing similar feels between all weights and flexes.

6. Precision Crafted Design

Mitsubishi Chemical manufacturing processes achieve +/-1 gram and +/-1 CPM in weight and frequency in VANQUISH™ to create the tightest tolerances in the lineup.