Mizuno Pro 245 Golf Irons


A New Age of Forging

Experience the ultimate in precision and craftsmanship with Mizuno Pro 245 Golf Irons, as Mizuno's engineers and the Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan work in perfect harmony to produce exceptional designs that pay attention to every minute detail and delicate curve. Indulge in the finest golf clubs, where no millimeter goes unnoticed.

Mizuno Pro 245 / Tour Speed and Launch

The Mizuno Pro 245 boasts increased speed from the face compared to its predecessor, the Mizuno Pro 243. This can be attributed to its sophisticated hollow body design and internally placed Tungsten weight, allowing for effortless launch. Housed in a remarkably sleek frame, the Mizuno Pro 245 truly showcases the impressive advancements made in Mizuno's Grain Flow Forged process.

Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan

Experience the timeless legacy of Mizuno irons, handcrafted with pride and precision at our exclusive facility since 1968.

Hollow body GFF 4135 Chromoly face and neck (2-8 iron)

Experience increased ball speeds and elevated launch with the laser-welded 431 Stainless steel back piece and multi-thickness face configuration.

Internal Tungsten Weighting (2-7)

Experience improved launch with the 46g Tungsten weight, expertly suspended to allow the sole to flex and achieve faster ball speeds.

More compact partial hollow scoring irons (9-GW)

Experience the superior performance and precision of Mizuno Pro 245 golf irons, featuring laser welded partial hollow construction, GFF HD 1025E body, and a 17-4 back piece for a penetrating flight.

Soft Copper Underlay

Experience the ultimate in feel with our Grain Flow Forged heads, enhanced by a layer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome. A touch that takes your performance to the next level.

Harmonic Impact Technology

Experience the precision and smoothness of Mizuno Pro 245 Golf Irons with vibration patterns that perfectly mimic a soft muscle-back feel.

Traditional blade appearance

Crafted with the timeless silhouette of a traditional blade, these irons are designed to deliver superior performance on the course.

Increased bounce angle

Experience improved turf interaction with a 1 degree increase in the long irons and a 2 degree increase in the scoring irons!


Club Loft Lie Length
2 16.5° 59° 39.5"
3 19° 59.5° 39"
4 21.5° 60° 38.5"
5 24° 60.5° 38"
6 27° 61° 37.5"
7 30° 61.5° 37"
8 34° 62° 36.5"
9 38° 62.5° 36"
PW 43° 63° 35.5"
GW 48° 63° 35.25"
Dexterity: Right Hand
Set: 5-PW

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Dexterity: Right Hand
Set: 5-PW

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What happens if I can’t select the combination of head, shaft & grip I want?

Email us on hi@golftechuk.com or call 020 3995 5638 we would be more than happy to discuss and prepare a custom quote.

I am purchasing from outside of the UK, what happens with TAX / Customs duty?

All orders show and charge TAX / Duties at checkout so there will be no additional payment required to the courier. Goods will be delivered duties paid (DDP)

Do you offer advice prior to purchase if I am unsure which product to choose?

We understand and recommend trying / having a fitting prior to any purchase but should this not be possible our team will be more than happy to help you through any purchase. Either via email or on the phone.

I paid for Express shipping on a custom order, why hasn't it shipped next day? 

Express shipping is the fastest possible shipping service, unfortunately it is not a way of getting your custom order built faster.

What if I can’t find an option I want on a drop-down menu?

If you can’t find a grip or shaft that you would like to order then please do reach out to us or place an order and leave a note on the order. One of our team will be happy to help you through the process. 

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