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Project X Catalyst Graphite Iron Shaft (.355 Taper)
Project X Catalyst Graphite Iron Shaft (.355 Taper)

Project X Catalyst Graphite Iron Shaft (.355 Taper)

Project X
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Catalyst is the next step in graphite iron design. Featuring our new Iso-6 material technology, Catalyst is engineered to replicate steel alloy properties over 100% better than traditional graphite laminates. This allows for an extremely stable shaft that maximizes constancy and distance control while providing the benefits of a graphite body design.


Catalyst also features a reinforced tip section which, unlike traditional graphite, delivers torsional resistance comparable to that of steel—improving stability during turf interaction for better impact on less than perfect shots.


Through advanced material modeling and analysis, we have created a graphite iron shaft technology that bridges the gap between what a steel shaft is and what a graphite shaft can be. Iso-6 is a revolutionary new material technology created by analyzing where existing graphite iron shafts lacked the symmetry of steel and constructing a new laminate design to eliminate those weak spots.

Traditional graphite laminates are only 35% as symmetric as steel. This produces considerable fluctuations in shaft deformation which cause larger variations in carry distances leading to missed greens. With Iso-6 being 75% as symmetric as steel, (over 100% better than traditional graphite laminates), graphite iron shafts made with Iso-6 will provide much more consistent carry distances and shots tighter to the pin.