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Srixon ZX4 Mk II 5-PW Irons Custom Shafts Available

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Upgrade your game with the Srixon ZX 4 Mk II Irons.  With high offset, long blade length, and a narrow topline, these forged irons provide maximized performance and forgiveness with an incredible look to help you hit longer and straighter shots. Custom shafts available for an even better fit.

Designed with an all new MainFrame - a variable pattern of cavities, channels and grooves that have been carefully milled into the backside of the iron face to create the most flex at impact.  To boost COR and to move mass away from the face to push that Centre of Gravity lower!  Faster ball speed, but also more consistency and forgiveness!

Tour V.T. Sole Returns!  The dynamic V.T Sole allows for face manipulation through the ball for great workability, as well as maintaining clubhead speed even when you don't get all of the ball!

Head Loft
Lie Offset (mm) Length Swingweight
4 21 60.5 4.3 38.5" D2
5 23 61 4.0 38" D2
6 25.5 61.5 3.7 37.5" D2
7 28.5 62 3.4 37" D2
8 33 62.5 3.2 36.5" D2
9 38 63 2.9 36" D2
PW 43 63.5 2.6 35.5" D2
AW 49 63.5 2.3 35.5" D3