TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Golf Wedge - Chrome


Unlock the versatility and imagination of your short game with TaylorMade's Hi-Toe 3 Wedges in Chrome. Equip yourself with the perfect weapon to pull off the shots you've imagined. Add the Hi-Toe 3 Wedges to your ‘game-armory’ and Swiss-Army your game.


Elevate your game to a more impressive level by conquering difficult shots around the green with the TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge! Thoughtfully crafted, it helps you maximize spin with its full-face scoring lines and Tour-proven raised micro-ribs. Unlock your potential and take your game up a notch - rotate the face open for unstoppable power!


The Hi-Toe 3 Wedge has an elevated center of gravity, allowing for a lower launch and more spin for ultimate control over every shot!


Hi-Toe 3 is another groundbreaking wedge yet! With its revolutionary 4-way camber design, it offers an expansive sole and a lower leading edge, perfect for optimal play no matter the terrain or weather.

Grind Loft Bounce Length Lie Swing Weight Material
Standard Bounce 50° 9° 35.5" 64° D3 8620 Carbon Steel
Standard Bounce 52° 9° 35.5" 64° D3 8620 Carbon Steel
Standard Bounce 54° 10° 35.25" 64°  D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Standard Bounce 56° 10° 35.25" 64° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Standard Bounce 58° 10° 35" 64° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Standard Bounce 60° 10° 35" 64° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Low Bounce 58 ° 7 ° 35" 64 ° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Low Bounce 60 ° 7 ° 35" 64 ° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
High Bounce 58 ° 13 ° 35" 64 ° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
High Bounce 60 ° 13 35" 64 ° D5 8620 Carbon Steel
Loft . Bounce: 50 / 9

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Loft . Bounce: 50 / 9

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