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  • Aldila ASCENT Ultralight Hybrid Shaft
  • Aldila ASCENT Ultralight Hybrid Shaft
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Titleist Replacement Aldila ASCENT Ultralight Hybrid Shaft

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Pre-built Titleist hybrid Shaft, will fit TSR, TSi and 818 / 816 hybrid woods.  All shafts are gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black with Grey Cap.

ASCENT Ultralight Hybrids take the FlyDrive Technology and integrate it into high performance ultralight hybrids that are designed to compliment the look, feel and performance of the all new ASCENT Ultralight Wood shafts.

ASCENT™ Ultralight models deliver an easy, high launch angle without the typical compromises of an ultra-lightweight shaft. Featuring Focused Mass Technology (FMT™), a precise weighting section that utilizes heavier, tungsten-infused prepreg in the butt end to help players turn through the ball better for stronger, straighter/drawn ball flight. ASCENT™ Ultralight models also include FlyDrive™ Technology – a new application inspired by a similar innovation in high-performance fly fishing rods. A full-length Visco-Elastic Isolation Layer (VEIL) is added to improve overall strength and feel while bolstering the shaft’s resistance to “ovaling,” a common deficiency in thinner-walled designs. FlyDrive™ adds very little weight or thickness so ASCENT™ Ultralight shafts remain quick and fast with a satisfying, solid feel at impact.

For additional information on the ASCENT family of shafts, Focused Mass Technology, and FlyDrive, click here.

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