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veylix mansion fm5 custom built golf wood shaft

Veylix Mansion FM5 Wood Shaft

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Graphene’s tensile strength measures at an amazing 130Gpa (vs 7.0Gpa for T1100G and 15Gpa for the highest modulus prepregs and pitch fibers), yet is lighter than paper. Not yet patented, the Veylix Graphene Jacket used in Mansion is built from 2 and 3nm graphene platelets of at least 80% pure carbon and allows for new distributions of weight and strength and the highest carbon content that a shaft material can contain. Veylix Mansion isn’t just a series of prototypes, it’s the holotype for a new species of golf shafts and this is just the beginning.

Mid High launch and mid/low spin

EXP5 56g

EXP7 70g