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  • Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red Wood Shaft NEW 2022-Mitsubishi Chemical-Golf Tech UK
  • Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red Wood Shaft
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Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Red Wood Shaft NEW 2022

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High Launch and Mid-High Spin

The next evolution of Mitsubishi Chemical’s aftermarket exclusive C6™ family uses iconic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire technology. Titanium Nickel is what’s known as a memory metal – a material that resists deformation and always works to return to its resting state. By orienting TiNi Wire at a 45 degree angle in the tip section, C6 wood shafts resist ovalizing under load and increase the golfer’s ability to return the club face to impact squarely.

The new C6™ RED features a bright, bold new cosmetic and delivers higher trajectory and higher spin through a lower kick point, but still maintains its stable and forgiving performance through the use of specially-oriented TiNi Wire in the tip section.

Price includes Adaptor and Grip fitted.

Please note, this is a customised order, per our terms of service we will endeavour to ship customised order within 7-10 working days