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Golf Tech UK is proud to offer a bespoke Custom Fitting and Custom Built Golf Club Service! Lead by experienced professionals. Book now with our PGA qualified and friendly team.

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Trackman 4 Studio

Located in Chichester, West Sussex, our Trackman 4 Studio is just off the A27 for quick access and has been built with the most premium quality fitting in mind.

Our skilled team determines the best combination of club head, shaft and grip to help achieve your golfing goals. Detailed measurements are taken through the fit and clubs are assembled on site exactly as tested in our bespoke workshop.

Our Services

Driver Fitting 

Fairway Fitting

Iron Fitting

Full Bag fitting (Excluding Putter)


Losing yards with the driver?

Dispersion not what you'd like it to be? Our driver fitting can help!  Fairway wood not performing as it should?  Feel like there is a gap at the top end?  Our Fairway woods fitting may be the solution.Or maybe you want a comprehensive look at your entire bag - Golf Tech UK can help

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At Golf Tech UK we fit brand agnostic, we don’t play favorites. We find the best possible performance for you, the customer, whatever that may be!

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Extensive Range of Custom Options

Golf Tech UK boasts an incredible range of shaft and head combinations that our team will guide you through during your fitting. No guesswork, every shaft or head taken off the wall is done with a purpose

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