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Our skilled team customises club components for your golfing goals, taking precise measurements during the fitting and assembling clubs on-site to match our workshop tests.

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Explore the History of PXG Golf

We use the term “disruptor” to describe companies or individuals who create a product or brand entirely different from what is already available. We have all used a disruptor brand...

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Delve into the World of Graphite Design Golf Shafts - Designed for Custom Fitting

How well do you know your graphite golf shaft brands? At a stretch, you might be able to name Fujikura and Mitsubishi Chemical because there is a good chance you...

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Custom Fitted Golf Clubs. What Are The Benefits For Your Game?

If you had no golf clubs and wanted to buy a set from scratch, how much would it cost? You wouldn’t be far off the mark if you answered that...

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