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On September 2013, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) was established by the well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and avid golf enthusiast, Bob Parsons. The birth of PXG stemmed from Parsons' aspiration to create the world's finest golf equipment.

A mutual love for the sport of golf and an intense fascination with club technology led Parsons to collaborate with two highly respected golf club designers. Together, they aimed to craft the highest-quality golf equipment available.

Parsons set forth a demanding challenge for his designers, something most golfers can only dream of: to create a visually appealing set of golf irons that resembled blades, provided higher launch, greater distance, a softer feel, and boasted an exceptionally generous sweet spot. He insisted that PXG clubs had to deliver a buttery feel and a noticeable difference. Without any constraints on cost or time, this dynamic duo embarked on an extensive journey, researching various alloys, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and identifying distinctive properties that would set PXG clubs apart from anything else.

With over 200 global patents secured, Parsons Xtreme Golf has introduced a comprehensive range of golf clubs that have compelled golfers to redefine their perception of the game. In response to the explosive growth it has experienced since its inception, PXG has swiftly evolved into an internationally recognised brand.