Introducing Nippon Shaft to Golf Tech UK

Introducing Nippon Shaft to Golf Tech UK

Nippon Shaft has been designing and manufacturing golf shafts since 1959, and work with two quality manufactures Nisshin Steel and Sun Industry.  

Nisshin Steel, founded in 1959, is one of the world's leading steel manufacturing houses specialising in speciality steels and alloys.  Nippon and Nisshin co-developed a proprietary spring steel that created the game-changing, legendary N.S PRO 950GH, the world's first sub 100 grams constant weight steel iron shafts.

In 2014 Nisshin and Nippon again shook the industry by co-developing the proprietary NZNS60, allowing the manufacturing of the world's lightest steel shaft series, N.S PRO Zelos, that are steel shafts with playing characteristics of a light weight carbon fibre iron shafts.

Sun Industry has been one of the world's leading material finishing companies since 1949.  All steel Nippon shafts are zinc-nickel electroplated on a decicated line and returned in foam containers.  All products are visually inspected by both Sun and Nippon before and after plating to insure full surface proctection.


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