Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Golf Putter - Retreve


Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Golf Putter - Retreve

Experience the innovation of Cleveland Golf's newest Golf Putter, RETREVE. Its unique head shape allows you to effortlessly pick your ball up from the hole or any surface without straining your back, knees, or hips. But don't be fooled, RETREVE is not just a flashy gimmick - it is designed with the same advanced technology, precision, and consistent feel as all of our HB SOFT 2 Putters. Elevate your game with RETREVE today.

Truer Strikes for an Optimal Performance

Upgrade your putting game with Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Golf Putter - Retreve. With Clevelands Speed Optimised Face Technology, nine stroke-specific models, and premium components, you'll experience truer strikes and a consistent swing feel across the entire line. 

Speed Optimised Face Technology

Harnessing the power of SOFT technology, the central groove lines in the face of the Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Golf Putter expand towards the heel and toe, evenly distributing energy for consistent ball speed. This means your putts will travel the same distance every time, even on off-center hits. Cleveland's expert engineers have meticulously measured the CG and MOI properties of each head shape and fine-tuned the face milling pattern for maximum alignment, ensuring consistent distances regardless of your chosen model.

Stroke Specific Design

No matter your preference - blades, mallets, or a combination - the HB SOFT 2 Putters offer nine precisely chosen designs for straight or slight arc stroke types. When you choose your stroke type and desired head shape, everything else - hosel style, toe hang, alignment system, and grip - is carefully matched to ensure complete synchronisation, giving you full confidence as you address the ball.

Consistent Swing Feel

Cleveland HB SOFT 2 Putters offers a consistently smooth swing, regardless of the shaft length chosen. Through extensive research and development, Cleveland have carefully examined and perfected each putt shape and balanced it with a counterweight for optimal performance in all standard lengths. Additionally, both stock grips are expertly weighted to ensure consistent swing and balance, whether you prefer the oversize or pistol grip.


Model Hosel Dexterity Toe Hang Stroke Type Head Weight
1 Plumbers Neck RH / LH Moderate Slight Arc 355g
8C Center Shafted RH Face Balanced Straight 365g
8S Slant RH Moderate Slight Arc 365g
10.5 Plumbers Neck RH Moderate Slight Arc 365g
11 Single Bend RH / LH Face Balanced Straight 365g
11S Slant RH Moderate Slight Arc 365g
11C Center Shafted RH Face Balanced Straight 365g
15 Single Bend RH Face Balanced Straight 365g
Retreve Single Bend RH / LH Face Balanced Straight 365g
Dexterity: Right Hand
Length: 33"
Grip: HB Soft 2 Oversize
Dexterity: Right Hand
Length: 33"
Grip: HB Soft 2 Oversize

Product information


What happens if I can’t select the combination of head, shaft & grip I want?

Email us on or call 020 3995 5638 we would be more than happy to discuss and prepare a custom quote.

I am purchasing from outside of the UK, what happens with TAX / Customs duty?

All orders show and charge TAX / Duties at checkout so there will be no additional payment required to the courier. Goods will be delivered duties paid (DDP)

Do you offer advice prior to purchase if I am unsure which product to choose?

We understand and recommend trying / having a fitting prior to any purchase but should this not be possible our team will be more than happy to help you through any purchase. Either via email or on the phone.

I paid for Express shipping on a custom order, why hasn't it shipped next day? 

Express shipping is the fastest possible shipping service, unfortunately it is not a way of getting your custom order built faster.

What if I can’t find an option I want on a drop-down menu?

If you can’t find a grip or shaft that you would like to order then please do reach out to us or place an order and leave a note on the order. One of our team will be happy to help you through the process. 

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