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Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Diamana GT-Series Wood Shaft

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 Mid Launch, Low Spin

An evolution of the multiple-major winning 4th Generation Diamana™ ZF profile, the mid-launching, mid-low spinning Diamana™ GT incorporates several new technological advancements into an existing successful structure. Diamana™ GT was constructed with our breakthrough, proprietary Xlink Tech™ Resin System, a new technique that allows us to reduce the resin content of the shaft for the best feel possible while not diminishing the overall strength of the product. Featuring a firmer butt section than its siblings Diamana™ TB and Diamana™ PD, GT creates more flexibility in the shaft’s midsection while maintaining a firm tip.

Key features include:

• Following Diamana™ TB and Diamana ™ PD, the new Diamana™ GT brings a profile that sits in between that launches lower than TB and spins more than PD

• Designed to evolve and elevate 4th Generation Diamana™ ZF with the addition of Xlink Tech™ Resin System and Consistent Feel Design™ to existing structure that includes MR70 and boron fiber

• Uses Xlink Tech™ Resin System to drive down resin content for best possible feel while creating a more stable, stronger, carbon-rich structure

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